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Capital Investment Companies partners with the Nottingham company, a local fund services firm, to provide information and insights into the state of the economy in The Carolinas. 

The Carolinas Index

The Carolinas Index, powered by Capital Investment Companies and The Nottingham Company, is an equally weighted index of the largest 75 publicly traded companies headquartered in North and South Carolina, ranked by market capitalization. Published monthly in Business North Carolina Magazine, our index has become a barometer for the sustained economic growth of the Carolinas. 

The Idea

With a deep history of operating in the Southeast, both Capital Investment Companies and The Nottingham Company have extensive knowledge of the Carolinas’ business environment. One famous investing maxim is “invest in what you know”, and the corollary to that could be “invest where you live.” In late 2015, Capital Investment Companies noticed the absence of a regional index to track how companies in the Carolinas perform. Several months later, the Carolinas Index was created to do exactly that.

The Region

The Carolinas region is the Southeast’s leader in commerce and innovation. Being the home of Research Triangle Park, three coastal ports, and the foremost Business Incentive Program in the country allows our region to be pioneers in the international economy – and companies are noticing. With R&D Parks and FORTUNE 500 Companies in our large cities to diversified manufacturing and financial companies in rural areas, the Carolinas continue to be a hotbed for growth.

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Capital Investment Companies has been the premier independent Broker/Dealer and Wealth Management firm in the Southeast for over 35 years. With a commitment to Integrity, Independence, and Innovation, Capital offers a full ensemble of platform solutions to assist clients with every aspect of their financial needs.

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Capital Investment Companies

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Nottingham has been serving the fund accounting, administration, organization, and management needs of clients nationwide for over three decades. Based in Eastern North Carolina, Nottingham delivers a full range of turnkey services, handling clients’ behind-the-scenes financial and administrative operations so they can focus on managing their portfolios.

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The Nottingham company





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